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Realtime Captioning
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ASL Services works with a network of real-time captioners to provide
captioning services for your meeting or event.  Captioning is also
referred to as CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation).

Many deaf or hard-of-hearing consumers do not use American Sign
Language, or prefer to read real-time captions as an accommodation for
their language needs.

Realtime captioners can often be secured on fairly short notice, and if
your venue has appropriate technical specs (high-speed internet
connection, appropriate microphones, projection units, etc.), the
captioner could actually do their job from a remote location and have the
captions displayed at your meeting.

ASL Services partners with
Archive Reporting and Captioning to provide
this service.  Feel free to contact this organization directly through their
website, or by contacting their corporate office at 800-870-1795, or
emailing at:
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