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Deaf Awareness Training
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ASL Services can be contracted to conduct Deaf Awareness Training at
your school, church, organization, or place of business.

We can provide education to you and your staff regarding deafness and  
Deaf Culture.  There are many aspects that are unique to the culture of the
Deaf Community.  We can help you to relate to and understand many of
these aspects, and help you to appropriately interact with individuals from
this culture.

Some of the training can be as simple as learning proper use of the TTY or
video and telephone relay services for communicating with the Deaf.

Contact us through one of the options listed on the left side of this page if
you would like to discuss options for scheduling Deaf Awareness Training
for your organization.  

We will conduct a Deaf Awareness Seminar
free of charge to any
business that is actively using ASL Services for their interpreting needs!
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